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Friday, August 8, 2014

What If I Told You...

What it I told you our kids can do anything? Would you believe me? What if anything wasn’t about passing the STAAR test? Although that is important…What if it wasn’t about having great MAP scores? Although again, that is important…

What if anything meant success? Can they be anything they want to be? Can they accomplish anything they set their mind to? Can they be the very best at something?

Here is the rub, you have two choices…Yes or No. There isn’t a maybe here. There isn’t room for I don’t know, maybe if parents were more involved, maybe if they had a better head-start program, maybe if I had more technology, more stuff, better toys… Because maybe = No.

Yes or No, if I told you our kids can do anything would you believe me? I choose Yes –

Next question: How do we do that? How do we help our kids do anything they want? It all starts with one word: Believe …it’s a small step…

Success will happen together, but you need to have faith and believe the answer to that first question is a resounding yes… From there, together, anything is possible.

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  1. I believe all things are possible, Ryan Steele!