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Monday, October 6, 2014

21st Century Learning Points

21st CENTURY STATEMENT OF TEACHER RESPONSIBILITIES: In order to adequately prepare today's students for their future, teachers must effectively participate in professional learning networks, share and model the use of current internet tools, lead authentic, integrated project-based learning activities, assist students as they establish their own learning networks and digital footprint, learn alongside our students as they create, collaborate, and share, provide sufficient learning opportunities for students to become digitally literate and fluent, while also inspiring each child to be quality, digital, global citizens. (

List of 21st Century Skills from •Problem solving •Synthesizing across content areas •Interpersonal communication •Search strategies •Information credibility •Dealing with information overload •How to write for an online, rather than print, environment •Computerized presentation skills •Workspace ergonomics •Basic debugging •Basic understanding of usability concepts •Reflection •Cross-cultural communication •Authentic Learning

Attributes of a 21st Century Learner from: A 21st Century Learner… •is curious; •asks questions; •accesses information from a variety of sources; •analyzes information for quality; •communicates using a variety of media; •gathers and communicates information and employs technology ethically; •adapts to an ever changing information landscape; •needs a supportive network; •is a partner in his/her education; •manages time effectively; and •has the ability to prioritize and plan effectively.

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