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Monday, October 20, 2014

It’s Not About Me

I am not sure why it is such a challenge. Maybe it is ego, maybe pride, maybe human nature – either way, remembering it is not about me may be the most important thing I remember each day.

The other day a good friend of mine came to see the new Learning Commons and as she sat down in my office she said, “You need to take down that sign.”

I looked up and above my desk there are, now were, two signs…One says, “It’s Not About Me:” and the other said, “It’s About My Amazing Teachers and Students.” It only took me a second to realize that by adding the word MY in the second sign I was once again…making it about me.

In this profession I think it is easy to want to share, even brag, about the good things that happen. As a principal, when something bad happens, it is on you. So, as a principal, I think it is easy to want something good that happens to also be on you…yet, it can’t be.

There are so many amazing things happening this year – Technology integration, risks being taken, class blogs, green screens, Christie Learning Commons, etc….And here is the secret…It’s not because of me, I am not the one on the front lines…it is the teachers. BUT, here is the KEY I have learned, while it’s not about me; it comes from me…support. My teachers know I support them, I support taking risks in the name of student achievement, I support them as they ask for grants, think outside of the proverbial box, ask questions that are self-reflective in nature to become better at their craft, and I listen to each idea, every time.

It’s not about me, it’s about the teachers and students…and you know what? I think I prefer it that way…

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